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Management Team

Dr. Ravindra Rajuji Acharya

Shodhshastri & Ayurvedacharya
President - Acharya Ayurved Foundation

Dr. Ravi Acharya has done his post-graduation in Aurveda. Since the year 1987 to 1995 he has studied different medicinal plants and its importance at Bhimashankar forest and Tribal Zone, Maharashtra. In his experience he has learn and understand with the tribal’s different medicinal plant and its effects. Base on this Experience Dr.Ravi Acharya has started working on diabetes in the year 1995 at Vadagoan maval, Pune

Also has developed different curative Aurvedic treatment on different diseases through practical and Demonstrations. For Creating Awareness about Ayurveda and Home based Treatment for different Diseases especially diabetes through the Organization he has conducted around 750 free workshops in different region of Maharashtra State. Also he has been interview 20 times in different national channels.

Since last 12 years, with the anti-diabetic therapy evolved by the Acharya Ayurved Foundation thousands of diabetic patients are free of diabetes! Dr. Ravi Acharya has taken the mission since last 12 years. The unique diabetic tea therapy can make a diabetic patient free of sugar problem in a year’s time! This therapy even prevents the diabetes in the healthy individuals.

Uday Ravindra Acharya

Vice- President

Since the last 6 years he is working as a vice-president in Acharya Ayurved Foundation. Including the planning and development of the organization activities he is actively involved in management and development of diabetic research Centre, Also all the administration part of the Diabetic research Centre. Following are the different responsibility carried by him in the organization.

  1. Management and development of Diabetic research centre.
  2. All administration of the centre.
  3. Planning & evaluation of the Diabetic workshops.
  4. Documentation of all the activities held in centre.

Kiran Ravindra Acharya


Since the last 7 years he is working as a treasurer of the organization. He is actively involved in maintaining all the legal documentation and planning of all the need base health activities in urban / rural areas.

Following are the different responsibility carried by him in the organization.

  1. Preparation and implementation of diabetic workshops.
  2. Maintaining legal documentation of the organization.
  3. Organizing all the development activities of the organization.
  4. Organization activities monitoring & follow up.